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28 W First St South, Fulton,, NY, USA, 13069

comes with Batteries presentation box

Armed Forces Merchandise Outlet, Inc.401 S. Sherman St., Suite 215, Richardson,, TX, USA, 75081

Life preserver signaling emergency light.Designed to meet the demands of sea, ideal for car, boat crew, campers, crisis or whenever a reliable efficient light is needed. Slim lightweight design fits easily in a pocket, hangs discreetly when attached to life vest or jacket. Attaches easily to life vest or jacket with stainless steel pin or integral lash loops and Velcro strap. Waterproof and corrosion resistant case. Twist on/off control can be operated by gloved hands and in adverse conditions Adjustable wrist strap provides a means for keeping light secure Intense incandescent light visible for up to two miles, depending upon conditions Lens simultaneously focuses a beam of light straight ahead and a ring of light all around Lens intensifies light up to 20 times brighter than comparable products Operates on 2 “AA” alkaline or 2 “AA” 1.5V lithium batteries (5-year replacement life; 10-year useful life when used with lithium batteries) Operating life - More than 8 hours continuous @ -1C° (30°F)

401 S. Sherman St., Suite 215, Richardson, , TX , USA, 75081

The High-Tech Safety NetSurvival in the Palm of Your HandTransmits on 406 MHz with a digitally coded distress signal, also homing signal on 121.5 MHz Small, lightweight unit can be easily carried in pack or in large pocket Recessed, waterproof GPS and programming interface (NMEA 0183) transmits GPS data for even faster response Single, three-position switch for simplicity. Red LED flashing indicates unit is "ON", red and green LED flashing indicates test sequence in process, steady green LED indicates unit has passed full functional test Functional test switch for battery power and 406 MHz transmission has auto-return to "OFF" position 121.5 MHz homing frequency, has audible tone to indicate actual operation Vinyl-covered, flat, stainless steel antenna wraps compactly around product for easy stowage; is easily extended when needed Floats to avoid loss if dropped in water, waterproof to 3.3 ft (1 m) Wrist lanyard ensures security when hand-held Highly visible, styled yellow case Optional belt loop carrying pouch for additional protection from shock, dirt and wear Case and instruction label are oil, water and UV resistant, with non-corroding metal components Can be stored between -50° C and + 70° C (-58° and +158° F) Operating life - In excess of 24 hours @ -40°C (-40°F), longer in higher ambient temperatureSpecificationsSize: 1.9 x 6.5 x 3.8 in (5.0 x 16.5 x 9.5 cm) Weight: 17.6 oz (450 g) Material: Fiber reinforced polycarbonate blend with resin tougheners Color: Yellow/blue Deployment: Manual Operation: Lift switch up, slide right, push forward breaking tab Waterproof: Up to 3.3 ft (1 m) Accessories: Multi - purpose mounting bracket, protective pouch Frequency: 406.025 MHz, 121.5 MHz Battery Type: Lithium-5 1/2 year replacement life (11-year useful life) Certification: Canadian Approval #1322873103, Cospas-Sarsat Approval, Special Cospas-Sarsat letter of Approval (Alaska), FCC approval is Pending Limited Warranty: 5 years Units Per Carton: 1 Radiating Power: 5 watts ± 2dB (406.025 MHz) 50 mW ± 3dB (121.5 MHz) Operational Life: In excess of 24 hours @ -40°C (-40°F), longer in higher ambient temperatureNote: 2790 Available for export only. 2793 has an internal GPS.


Bright, steady .75 cd light Compact size for convenient storage Operates in fresh or salt water Complies with USCG/SOLAS Operating life exceeds 8 hours at 1ºC

151 North Main Street, Heber City,, UT, USA, 84032

CERTIFIED Minimum 95% Filter Efficiency RatingThe Moldex N95 Particulate Respirator Mask with Exhalation Valve provides ideal breathing protection for emergency evacuations and a variety of other uses including mining and dust filled areas. Also good for ...

151 North Main Street, Heber City,, UT, USA, 84032

CERTIFIED Minimum 95% Filter Efficiency RatingThe Moldex N95 Particulate Respirator Mask with Exhalation Valve provides ideal breathing protection for emergency evacuations and a variety of other uses including mining and dust filled areas. Also good for ...


An Adventure Network visitor recently asked: "How do you recommend keeping clean when there is little water available for bathing, such as when desert or winter camping?"A bandanna and a small pot of warm water is all I use to wash my face and hands-no so ...

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PO Box 43309, Oakland,, CA, USA, 94624

Instant sanitizing foam will help keep your entire family healthy while camping or traveling. Help prevent diarrheal illness by using before preparing food or eating.

PO Box 43309, Oakland,, CA, USA, 94624

Instant sanitizing foam will help keep your entire family healthy while camping or traveling. Help prevent diarrheal illness by using before preparing food or eating.

401 S. Sherman St., Suite 215, Richardson, , TX , USA, 75081

This rice-based, flavored electrolyte mix works fast to rehydrate you while reducing diarrheal fluid loss. Studies show 20-50% reduction in fluid loss and at least one day less of diarrheal illness.

401 S. Sherman St., Suite 215, Richardson, , TX , USA, 75081

The Comprehensive Watersports Kit is ideal for outdoor guides or as a group kit for multi-day adventures. All of the components are protected and organized inside of clear, resealable bags. Header cards are included in each bag to easily identify the contents and keep track of what you use. The rugged, roll-down closure dry bag or Pelican dry box will keep everything waterproof. Exceeds recommended first aid kit requirements of the National Park Service for river trips on the Colorado River thru the Grand Canyon.Contents:1..... Comprehensive Guide1..... Illustrated Guide to Life-Threatening Emergencies1..... CPR MicroShield1..... SAM Splint1..... Digital Thermometer 90F. - 105F.1..... EMT Shears1..... Splinter Picker Forceps1..... 20cc. Irrigation Syringe1..... Povidone Iodine Solution (1oz.)10.... Wound Closure Strips3..... Tincture of Benzoin9..... Double Antibiotic Ointment9..... Antiseptic Towelettes1..... Moleskin1..... Molefoam2..... Spenco® 2nd Skin 3x42..... Non-woven Adhesive Knit Bandage4..... Nitrile Examination Gloves2..... Antimicrobial Hand Wipes2..... Infectious Control Bag16.... 4x4 Sterile Dressings8..... 2x2 Sterile Dressings2..... Eye Pad2..... Non-adherent Sterile Dressing2..... 8x10 and/or 5x9 Trauma Pads1..... Triangular Bandage2..... Conforming Gauze Bandage (2" or 3")1..... Elastic Bandage w/ Velcro (2" or 3")1..... Adhesive Tape 10 yards (1/2" or 1")20.... Strip & Knuckle Bandages4..... Cotton Tipped Applicators1..... Afterburn® Aloe Vera Gel 100%2..... CeraLyte Rehydration Mix12.... Extra Strength Tylenol12.... Ibuprofen (Motrin)4..... Aspirin6..... Antihistamine6..... Alamag® Antacid4..... Diamode (Immodium)1..... Glutose Paste4..... Cortisone Cream 1%3..... Afterbite Sting Relief Pads3..... Safety Pins1..... Storm® Waterproof Matches1..... Duct Tape1..... Accident Report & Pencil

401 S. Sherman St., Suite 215, Richardson, , TX , USA, 75081

Power Light is the most powerful flashlight in its class. Utilizes a high-intensity discharge (HID) metal-halide arc lamp, electronic ballast, and rechargable lithium ion battery.The 24W Power Light delivers 1300 lumens of 6000K bright white light. HID lamps are extremely efficient and produce more than five times the lumen output of filament lamps. They are more rugged, since there is no filament to break, and lamps are rated to last 2000+ hours.Power Lights are constructed from black hard-anodized cast aluminum. The on/off switch is located just forward of the end cap, simply twist counter clockwise to turn it on. The end cap houses the charger plug located in the base. A rubber sleeve on the lens and end cap helps absorb shock when dropped or jarred.Designed for border patrol, search & rescue, maritime interdiction, inspection, security, EMS, and long-range target identification, they are also ideal for recreational activities such as aviation, camping, hiking, and hunting. Rated IP64 (dust & moisture resistant), Power Lights perform well under all conditions.The rechargeable lithium ion battery is good for 500+ recharges and has a run-time of 1 hour. Lithium batteries hold their charge longer than alkaline or metal hydride batteries, assuring the light is ready for use even if stored for long periods. Convenient battery access makes it simple to change batteries if a longer burn time is needed. Simply unscrew the end cap and replace with a fresh battery.Features: Rechargeable lithium ion battery High Intensity Discharge (HID) Metal Halide arc lamp delivers 1300 lumens Instant on and hot restrike Modern electronics Black hard-anodized aluminum; corrosion and wear-resistant 1 hour burn time Hardened & heat treated front lens Pre-focused spot beam 100-240VAC charger with overcharge protection and optional 12-24VDC charger Charger plug conveniently located in end cap 2.5" polished & coated reflector for maximum beam range Great defense tool, its bright light will disorient an adversary Considerably brighter than D-cell alkaline filament flashlightsDimensions: 12.7" longWeight: 2 lbs.Lens: Clear Hardened GlassLight Source: Metal Halide (HID)Lumens: +/- 1300Color Temperature: +/- 6000KBattery: Rechargeable Ballast: ElectronicBurn Time: 60 minutesOperating Temperatures:Operating: 0°C - 40°CStorage: -20°C - 35°CCharging: 10°c - 30°CBattery Charger: 100/240VAC multi-volt 50/60Hz, w/ automatic overcharge protection, LED status indicatorColor: Anodized BlackIncludes: Rubber lens & end caps Shoulder strap, mounts, & nylon bag AC & DC chargers Battery charger stand 2200mAh spare battery Diffuser Lens Travel Case  

520 C North Main Street Suite 202, Heber City,, Utah, USA, 84032

A best seller for over 10 years! Like Oxy-Stabile™, Aerobic 07 selectively kills harmful microbes, bacteria, parasites, and viruses by over oxygenating the water and acting as a tasteless germicide. It does not harm aerobic or beneficial bacteria. Each 1 ounce bottle will treat 55 gallons of tap water. It can also be used to treat water for immediate drinking. Excellent of campers and world travelers.


Armed Forces Merchandise Outlet, Inc401 S. Sherman St., Suite 215, Richardson,, TX, USA, 75081

This is the knife that no Boy Scout should be without. The perfect starter Multi-tool. 3 1/2 inch blade with 13 implements, 7 inches long when blade is extended. Includes sheath.

235 N. Airline Hwy, Gonzales,, La, USA, 70737

After Sting Gel stops the painful burning, itching and swelling of stings and bites and begins the healing process. After Sting helps prevent the scarring of Fire Ant stings. It also works well on insect bites of all kinds, irritations from poisonous plan ...

PO Box 417, Camden,, NY, USA, 13316

Leather and nylon upper, air cushion heel, slip-resistant outsole, YKK zipper, airport friendly non-metallic shank, synthetic moisture licking lining, removable footbed, rust-proof hardware, non-fray laces, and a rubber toe cap.


A versatile mattress for the budget-minded camper. Lightweight design makes it perfect for backpacking as well. Durable 150 denier polyester

1712 Golder Ave, Odessa, TX, USA, 79761

Removes pollutants, allergens & mold...

Category:Air Test Kits


HERBAL HEALER  has homeopathic BARIUM and Homeopathic ALUMINUM detox.  They come in 2 oz. bottles.  Dose is 10 drops twice a day in a little water.  Recently McCain had a hair analysis done to determine if Barium and Aluminum were building up after two ye ...


Researchers from the former Soviet Union have noted that more than 5,000 scientific documents support the concept that high doses of negative ions have positive effects, while the opposite is true with exposure to high doses of positive ions. They were am ...

Category:Air Test Kits

PO BOX 100001 1025 Cobb International Drive NW Ste. 100, Kennesaw, GA, USA, 30156-9217

Combines the construction and benefits of the regular 9'' Air-Tac boot with a full-length ergonomically-designed YKK® zipper for fast and easy on and off as well as guaranteeing a consistent fit every time you put them on. Lace up once and forget 'em. Popular Tactical Air Heel System means day-long comfort. Top of zipper features a Velcro® Quiet Keeper to reduce noise and assure a neat appearance.Your supreme comfort starts with the "Tactical Air Heel System" based on the air cushion technology used in better athletic shoes. You can also enjoy maximum efficiency in running and walking, thanks to the "Air Tactical Rocker Outsole" design, created with a rocker effect from heel to toe to create fluid motion. Meets new ASTM standards F2412-05 & F2413-05 that replace ANSI Class 75 requirements. Specifications: • Height: 9” • Steel Toe• Full length YKK® zipper with Velcro® guard • Leather and 1000 denier nylon • Tactical Air Heel System • One-piece full-grain leather toe box and mudguard • Heel stabilizer incorporated in PU polyurethane midsole • Carbon-Rubber Air-Tac Rocker outsole with a rappelling rope channel at the instep and multi-directional tread design.• Steel shank for added stability • Dense, open-cell insulation for year-round comfort • Vapor Wick Lining to move moisture away from feet • Metal D-rings with Top Hook for speedy lacing and equal tension • Molded removable insoles resist mildew and odor. • Triple Stitching • Black. • Weight: 22 oz. • From Ridge Outdoors • Imported • Model #8006ST

151 North Main Street, Heber City,, UT, USA, 84032

Compact, economical, and easy to use. Used for either cooking or heating--indoors or out. It's alcohol gel-based fuel is smokeless, odorless, clean burning and is also environmentally friendly (gives off harmless CO2 & water vapor). Produces 10,000 BTU's. ...


General poisoning notes:Avocado (Persea americana) is a common exotic fruit. The seeds are often planted to produce foliage plants in households. In California, Guatemalan cultivars have caused toxic affects in cattle, goats, rabbits, canaries, and fish. ...

189 Dudley Rd., Bryant Pond, ME, UK, 04219

Waterpoof, soil-resistant, compact and windproof. Fully bound with grommets on all edges. 60”x84”. 10 oz. Silver/Orange.

1712 Golder Ave, Odessa,, TX, USA, 79761

MSR's premier extreme-condition tent, in 2- and 4-person models. Revolutionary Design: Integrated fly increases strength and warmth, facilitates quick setup, and protects tent body during setup and takedown


28 W First St South, Fulton,, NY, USA, 13069

Designed by Survival, Inc., the patented Strike Force is an exceptional all-weather fire starting system. The system combines in one compact, durable package a special alloy flint bar, hardened steel striker, and revolutionary Wet Fire tinder.Scraping the ...

Category:Fire lighters


Aloe vera has a long history of cultivation throughout the drier tropical and subtropical regions of the world, both as an ornamental plant and for herbal medicine. For its herbal and medicinal uses, many of which are shared with related species, see Aloe ...

Church Road,, Catsfield Battle, East Sussex, England, TN33 9DP.

Aloe Vera has been recognised for centuries for its remarkable health-enhancing properties. Although known specifically for external application to the skin, Aloe Juice is now widely used to help a variety of conditions of the digestive tract.

219 SW Broadway, Portland,, OR, USA, 97205

Alpenbooks Camping & Backpacking with Children Guidance for a challenging undertaking: starts with developing a "teaching philosophy" based on getting kids to ask relevant questions (thru use of games, props), then moves to exploring backyard nature, & th ...

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520 C North Main Street Suite 202, Heber City,, Utah, USA, 84032

AlpineAire produces freeze-dried, dehydrated and ready-to-eat instant meals, side dishes, breakfasts, soups and desserts. Our products can be used every day but also for backpacking, hiking, hunting, fishing, and long-term food storage. Packages from 3 da ...

28 W First St South, Fulton,, NY, USA, 13069

Introducing the NEW “INFERNO“ self heating meals. With INFERNO you are never more than a few minutes away from a delicious, Hot Meal! Simply lift the flap and pull the strap. The fully self-contained heating mechanism will do the rest. Great for camping, car trips, search and rescue, truck drivers, backpacking and snow trips such as cross country skiing, snow camping, and play day. INFERNO works great at high altitudes. This is the BEST self-heating meal we have ever offered.


Designed to gently maneuver stretcher under patient without rolling or lifting. The immobilization of the patient in the position found, minimizes the risk of complicating the existing injuries. The center of the stretcher can be opened to allow the patie ...

235 N. Airline Hwy, Gonzales,, LA, USA, 70737

For unscrewing the bung on top of the 55 & 15 gallon plastic drums or can also be used on 55 gallon steel fuel drums and it is spark resistant

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