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Sunday, 17 December 2017


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165 Wilson Ridge Rd, Boone,, NC, USA, 28607

Complete tent with wooden poles, and attached ropes. Tent used, but in Excellent Condition. Tent steaks sold separately. Weight 120 lbs. These items will ship via freight only. The extra charge will be calculated to your location. We will contact you at t ...


238 West Vineyard Way, Saratoga Springs,, UT, USA, 84043

Prepare early! This kit is designed for hurricane prone areas. This kit contains many of the essential items you'll need to help you during a hurricane disaster such as extra food (including MREs), boxed water and other emergency supplies. 5-year shelf li ...

165 Wilson Ridge Rd, Boone,, NC, USA, 28607

All-weather fire starter. Functional, lightweight, compact. Non-toxic, odorless and smokeless. Flint bar generates spark twice as hot as standard match. Excellent when used with optional Wet Fire tinder.

Category:Fire lighters


The BioGPTM HEPA filtration system is a breakthrough technology engineered and developed by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. Ranked highest in areas of quality and efficiency, Rabbit Air is a new generation air purifier that elimates all the weeknesses of the ...

Category:Air Test Kits

PO Box 43309, Oakland,, CA, USA, 94624

This is the kit tested, abused and approved by adventure racers in the Eco Challenge, Primal Quest and Raid Galoiuses. This is your first aid kit if you are a multi-sport enthusiast who actively hikes, kayaks, mountain bikes, climbs or does other activities on a regular basis. Designed for life in the bottom of a pack, zippered nylon pouch has two inner Aloksak® pouches to ensure contents are kept clean and dry

28 W First St South, Fulton,, NY, USA, 13069

Cut even larger than our standard ponchos for additional coverage and versatility. Reinforced, rust-resistant snaps form wrist openings secure sides. Top cinches closed and four corners have durable nylon loops for tie downs for conversion to shelter. Mad ...


205 West Rankin Street P.O. Box 8397, Jackson,, MS, USA, 39284-8397

Under Armour Performance Apparel is built for every climate and condition to keep you in the field longer. The patented fabrics wick moisture from your skin, transferring it to the outer layer of the garment keeping you dry and your body temperature const ...

POB 234, McKenna, WA, USA, 98558

Many people ask us how could one survive a major disaster, whether natural or man made or a combination thereof. One way nature protects its critters is getting them underground. Ground hogs and ants are good examples. They have been around for a long time. So has nature.A properly built and installed underground shelter is an excellent way to improve your chances for long term survival. The Survival Center has been building and installing underground shelters since the late 1970’s. Over the years we have refined what really works well and not so well. Add-on units ( Order Code # UG-AU) extend your stay and provide additional needed services which could include but are not limited to: extra storage, generator room, fuel storage, water storage, washer, dryer, refrigerator, extra kitchen, extra shower - wash room, tool room, equipment storage, work shop, sprouting seed area, garden area, cool room, communication room, entertainment room, etc. etc. Many units can be clustered together. You are only limited by your imagination and your ability to pay for it.

POB 234, McKenna, WA, USA, 98558

The Basic Underground Shelter ( Order Code # UG1) is an internally and externally reinforced ( reminds one of a submarine ) 8 ft diameter by 27 ft long ¼ inch thick steel tank. Includes: Lockable Air valves, entrance with ladder, emergency exit, emergency hatch opening 20 ton jack system, storage shelves, paint inside and out, metal protective anodes ( to prevent rust ), wood floor down the middle approx. 6 inches high. One low volume Flush Toilet, Shower, Double Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink, Food preparation area, 4 bunks + hangers to hook up additional hammocks etc. and lots of storage. Lifting hooks for easy installation. All shelters are air tight and water tight. These are tried and proven shelters tested over time. Starting at $48,995.00 ( thank the current adminstration for the tarrif on steel and higher fuel cost, causing us all to pay more ) plus delivery and installation. Air filtration, septic tank and hook up are optional.


This page has information on Under Ground Shelters, Above Ground Shelters, Executive Retreats ( Safe Areas), Under Ground or Above Ground Secure Data Storage Facilities, Back up Command Centers, Emergency Operations Centers, fuel, water, & liquid storage ...


250,000 CP halogen bulb is encased in a watertight, Pyrex® tube. 10' straight cord with battery clips. Low amp draw from 12V battery.


250,000 CP halogen bulb is encased in a watertight, Pyrex® tube. 10' straight cord with battery clips. Low amp draw from 12V battery.


56 South 33 Ave STE 231, Saint Cloud, MN, 56301

Uniden CB Radios are known through out the world for their performance and quality. The PC78 Elite is Uniden's next step after the LTW series of radios. This trucking legend gives you backlit control knobs, a rugged front microphone connector, 7 weather c ...

Category:Radio Receivers


These sturdy and durable kits are waterproof and equipped with carrying handles and mounting brackets for versatile mounting throughout the facility. Kits are ANSI Z308.1-2003 compliant. Color coded cartons hold individual sealed unit dose applications. C ...


For rubber, canvas or nylon. Includes cement and three 4-1/2"x9" patches.

28 W First St South, Fulton,, NY, USA, 13069

Urine Clean-Up

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