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Plants & Roots - Edible

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If you have seen a hollyhock or hibiscus flower, then you can recognize the Mallow family. Wild species may be smaller, but you will know you have a Mallow when you find a funnel-shaped flower with 5 separate petals and a distinctive column of stamens sur ...

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The Wild Leek, also known as the Ramp, or common Wild Leek (Allium tricoccum) is our best wild onion and a source of food and spiciness all year round.Broad, smooth, light green leaves, often with deep purple or burgundy tints on the lower stems begin arr ...


Common in early fall. Note the serrated leaves in clusters of three as opposed to the plant above which has clusters of five leaves. The blossoms of the wild strawberry are always white. The berry is much smaller than the domesticated version. However, th ...

Granny's Country Store PO Box 684, Silver Star,, MT, USA, 59751-0684

The Parsley Family includes some wonderful edible plants like the carrot and parsnip, plus more aromatic spices found in your spice cabinet, such as anise, celery, chervil, coriander, caraway, cumin, dill, fennel and of course, parsley. But unlike the Mus ...

23 Bridge St., PO Box 184, Cleveland,, NY, USA, 13042

The flashy Chanterelle is one of the most distinctively flavored mushrooms in all the world. It has been described as having the aroma of apricots and tasting more like a flower then a mushroom. There are several edible and delicious varieties but the one ...

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 The flowers, buds and young flower stalks may be eaten raw, roasted or boiled. If the stalk is cut into slices and cooked the outer rind comes off easily.    The seeds of all Sierran grasses are edible but often small and tedious to collect. ...

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Be sure of your identification of the wild edible plant BEFORE you eat it! Some wild edible plants have very poisonous look-alikes. You may be allergic to some wild edible plants. If you are at all unsure if you will be allergic to a particular plant, eat ...

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Herb Pictures, Herb Photographs

P.O. Box 8102, Mission Hills, CA, USA, 91346-8102.

Plants trees, sometimes shrubs; leaves entire, usually scales or needles...


WARNING: A plant on the list just means that it is discussed on the video. This does not mean that it is edible. Some plants in an edible list are toxic until prepared correctly or have toxic parts. KNOW before you eat ! Cattails are one of the most versa ...


Root vegetables are underground plant parts used as vegetables. They are called root vegetables for lack of a better generic term, but include both true roots such as tuberous roots and taproots, as well as non-roots such as tubers, rhizomes, corms, and b ...


Enthusiastic gardeners can get an early start harvesting spring greens that come up right in their backyard. These greens are nutritious—-high in vitamin A, vitamin C and iron. They're also low in calories, fat and cholesterol. Plus, wild greens are widely available and require no work at all—-except harvesting! As with any green, the younger the plant, the more tender it is. For the safest crop, be sure to pick greens well away from major roads or other chemically treated areas, and wash the greens well before you use them.DandelionsDandelion greens (Taraxacum officinale)—-a sure sign of spring—-are most welcome to add variety, vitamins and minerals to springtime meals. You may see people digging them in early May in spots where snow still lingers in the fields.Most people boil dandelion greens until tender (change the water once to mellow their tangy taste), then garnish with butter or lemon juice.

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Lavender is undergoing a revival as a popular cooking herb. Ours is delicious, and specially sieved for you to use immediately. See our Cooking with Lavender page for ideas.

Granny's Country Store PO Box 684, Silver Star,, MT, USA, 59751-0684

Mustard flowers are easy to recognize. If you have a radish or turnip blooming in the garden, then take a close look at the blossoms. When identifying flower parts, it is best to start on the outside of the flower and work towards the middle like this: se ...

Blanche Derby 2 Massasoit Ave, Northampton,, MA, USA, 01060-2020

Have you ever eaten black locust flowers, cattail buds, or stinging nettle leaves? These are just some of the common "weeds" discussed in this book that are free, plentiful, and easy to prepare. Using wild plants as food has become more popular, as people ...

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Many myths have been spread about mushrooms. One of the most inaccurate is that mushrooms have no nutritional value. To properly consider them for their nutritional benefits, they must be viewed from a dried weight perspective. And mushrooms give you maxi ...

PO Box 684, Silver Star,, MT, USA, 59751-0684

Plants that are related to each other have similar characteristics for identification. Botanists have simply looked for patterns in plants and created groups called "families" according to those patterns. In the northern latitudes where there are hard fre ...


Wild edible plants, fruits, berries and nuts are one of the survivor's most important foods. You will always find plants in the wilderness unless you are in the middle of an arid desert. The problem is knowing which plants are edible and have good food va ...

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Edible and Poisonous Plants of the Eastern & Western StatesUtilizing wild plants for food can provide free, enjoyable and nutritious additions to modern menus. Their identification and use can be a taste-pleasing hobby for those who enjoy the feeling of b ...

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Unprocessed acorns usually have toxic quantities of tannin and may shutdown the digestive track. Proper leaching removes the tannin making them a major wild food item.The most common steps in leaching are shelling the nuts removing the inner skin grinding ...


The guide deals with over 150 plants found in the wild - some of which are escapees from gardens while other real wild plants are grown in gardens for decoration - so there is a blurring on the edges of what is wild. Some plants listed here have other 'fa ...

Granny's Country Store PO Box 684, Silver Star,, MT, USA, 59751-0684

 you find a plant with parallel veins in the leaves and regular flowers with parts in multiples of three, chances are you have a member of the Lily family. The flowers have 3 sepals and 3 petals, usually identical in size and color. Any normal person woul ...

Granny's Country Store PO Box 684, Silver Star,, MT, USA, 59751-0684

If you pick a plant with a distinctly square stalk and simple, opposite leaves, then it is very likely a member of the Mint family. Be sure to smell it too, since many species of the family are loaded with aromatic volatile oils.The rich, spicy quality of ...


Identifying and Harvesting Edible and Medicinal Plants in Wild (and Not So Wild) Places shows readers how to find and prepare more than five hundred different plants for nutrition and better health, including such common plants as mullein (a tea made from ...

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Why Eat Wild Food gives us many reasons to both avoid commercial food, but to find, identify, and use wild food

Granny's Country Store PO Box 684, Silver Star,, MT, USA, 59751-0684

If you have seen a pea or bean blossom in the garden, then you will be able to recognize members of the Pea family. These are irregular flowers, with 5 petals forming a distinctive "banner, wings, and keel", as shown in the illustration. The banner is a s ...


There are over 20,000 species of edible plants in the world yet fewer than 20 species now provide 90% of our food. However, there are hundreds of less well known edible plants from all around the world which are both delicious and nutritious.


Other Names: Adder's tongue, American trout-lily, Dog's tooth violet, Serpent's Tongue, Yellow Adder's-tongue, Yellow fawn-lily, Yellow Snowdrop Caution!  Trout Lily can be strongly emetic  in some people (which means it makes you throw up a lot). Habitat ...


Why should your wild food cooking be tasteless ? For anyone cooking in the outdoors there are spice and condiment approximations that can be derived from parts of certain wild plants. Don't expect these to mimic chilli or ginger exactly, but at least your ...


Inclusion on this page does not mean that a plant is 'immediately' edible   For your safety. Do not consume wild plants if you have ANY medical condition, during pregnancy, or give to minors.Never eat a plant unless positively identified as safe to eat ...


Remember, though, that when a person sets out to gather wild edibles, he or she must do so with a great deal of caution. Some people, for example, might have allergic reactions to otherwise "safe" plants, and a number of factors—including the time of collection and method of preparation—can make a big difference in both the safety and the palatability of many free foods. You should never, of course, pick plants close to roadways, polluted waterways, croplands, or any other place where chemical sprays or fumes could have contaminated them.

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