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Tuesday, 21 November 2017


Pre-packed Rations

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1230 Mount Olympus, St. Peters,, MO, USA, 63376-4084

Self-heating meal: By combining delicious riccioli pasta and firm chunks of chicken, then smothering them in a rich creamy parmesan tomato sauce touched with peppers and tomatoes, we have created a pasta lovers delight. If you like pasta, then you're goin ...

Brigade Quartermasters, Ltd. PO BOX 1000011025 Cobb International Drive NW Ste. 100, Kennesaw,, GA, USA, 30156-9217

Compressed Food, Water Packets, and Shelter: the Basics of Survival for One Person for Up to 3 Days.The ARK III provides just that: Enough food and water to sustain one person for up to three days, and a compact, lightweight emergency blanket for shelter. The food is Mainstay® Emergency Food Rations, a good-tasting ready-to-eat bar that contains essential vitamins and minerals, and provides nine servings for a total of 3,600 calories. The Water is also Mainstay: 6 pre-measured 4 oz air tight sterilized packets that withstand temperatures from -40 to +230 degrees F. The Blanket measures 53''/135cm x 82-1/2''/210cm and retains 90% of body heat to offset hypothermic reactions. Food and water are Coast Guard approved, and have a 5-year shelf life. The ARK III is an easy and inexpensive way to be prepared for natural disasters, and is appropriate for aircraft, watercraft, automobiles, and homes. Especially useful for those living in areas prone to floods, hurricanes, earthquakes and tornadoes! Package measures 11''/28cm x 6-1/4''/16cm x 2-1/2''6.4cm. Weighs 3 lbs / 1.4 kg

219 SW Broadway, Portland,, OR, USA, 97205

Backpacker's Pantry Louisiana Red Beans and Rice Whether climbing the most demanding peak, kayaking the most tumultuous river, or cycling across the great divide, vigorous exercise depletes your body of crucial vitamins and minerals. Our Performance Produ ...

311 Northland Blvd., Cincinnati,, Ohio, USA, 45246

Mobile HOT Mealsfor wherever life takes you! Imagine, , , a meal that goes anywhere, requires no refrigeration, & heats itself. You've imagined HeaterMeals. Our shelf-stable meals combine patented heating technology, traditional canning &home-style cooking.   Each case has 12 Full Course Meals Every HeaterMeals Plus Meal Includes Tasty 3/4 lb. HeaterMeals Entree 1-Musselman’s Cinnamon Apple Sauce 1-Hunt’s Chocolate Pudding 4-Breadsticks 2-Stauffer’s Snicker Doodle Cookies 1-Pack of California Raisins 1-Veryfine Chillers Iced Tea with Lemon Cutlery Pack with Spoon, Napkin, Salt, Pepper And Now Mrs. Dash to Season to your taste!

Post Office Box 13, Moorpark, CA, USA, 93020-0013

A United States Coast Guard Approved 3 day survival supply per person with a 5 year shelf life

PO BOX 334, DEERFIELD,, IL, USA, 60015

My Own Meals, Inc. specially packs its full line of kosher, refrigeration-free meals into foil pouch packages, perfect for camping, international travel and long-term storage for emergencies. PackagingMain course meals are packaged in special long-life, b ...

POB 234, McKenna, WA, USA, 98558

 One Year Supply for One of Dehydrated basic foods in #10 cans ( about a gallon size ). Consist of 11 cases of #10 cans - 325lbs. This unit supplies the very basics of food for one year. You will most likely loose weight on this unit. 1200 calories and 35 ...

520 C North Main Street Suite 202, Heber City,, Utah, USA, 84032

AlpineAire produces freeze-dried, dehydrated and ready-to-eat instant meals, side dishes, breakfasts, soups and desserts. Our products can be used every day but also for backpacking, hiking, hunting, fishing, and long-term food storage. Packages from 3 da ...

28 W First St South, Fulton,, NY, USA, 13069

Introducing the NEW “INFERNO“ self heating meals. With INFERNO you are never more than a few minutes away from a delicious, Hot Meal! Simply lift the flap and pull the strap. The fully self-contained heating mechanism will do the rest. Great for camping, car trips, search and rescue, truck drivers, backpacking and snow trips such as cross country skiing, snow camping, and play day. INFERNO works great at high altitudes. This is the BEST self-heating meal we have ever offered.

1940 Woodman Center Drive, Kettering,, Ohio, USA, 45420

"Enertia Trail Foods' dehydrated (not freeze-dried) entree was the only dish to make everybody's favorites list" - BACKPACKER Magazine meal review, May 2002.It's all about taste! Enough for a hearty appetite, our single portion meals average 4 oz. and 400 ...

520 James Street Unit 1C, Lakewood,, NJ, USA, 08701

A satisfying chicken dinner served with zesty old world noodles, enlivened by our very own rich and tangy gravy. An all time classic.

3423 West 43rd Place,, Los Angeles,, CA, USA, 90008

Why does ProBar satisfy my hunger better than other bars? ProBar is designed to free you from the cravings that drive overeating. Nothing beats whole foods for providing the nutrition your body needs. ProBar is the only bar to provide the combined nutriti ...

24338 El Toro Rd. Suite E Box 401, Laguna Woods,, CA, USA, 92637

Our 2400 calorie food bar is designed to sustain one person for three days. It has a pleasant lemon flavor. The food bar has a 5 year shelf life and is US and International Coast Guard approved. This food bar is essential for any survival kit.

28 W First St South, Fulton,, NY, USA, 13069

1 Package as shown in picture10,000 kj. 2400 kcal per package. High energy value. Ready to eat. Non thirst provoking. Small and lightweight. All natural ingredients. No preservatives. Superior coconut flavor Tabletized and subpackaged for ease of rationin ...

1940 Woodman Center Drive, Kettering,, Ohio, USA, 45420

Get our great taste in 4 a portion pack discount pricing!Heat-Sealed in clear, durable, waterproof poly bags, these meals are great for group trips. Includes all condiments.

192 Technology Dr Ste L, Irvine,, CA, USA, 92618

Drink Gookinaid Hydralyte to help relieve thirst and rapidly replace essential energy-sustaining electrolytes and fluids. Mild, isotonic Gookinaid Hydralyte has been designed to improve physical endurance, mental acuity and reduce muscle soreness, crampin ...

Saratoga Trading Company 238 West Vineyard Way, Saratoga Springs,, UT, USA, 84043

For those who want a 100% COMPLETE year's worth of Mountain House gourmet tasting foods, this superior year supply was made for you. You get 3 meals per day plus vegetables and desesrts each day for at least 365 days for one person! 126 #10 Cans in 21 eas ...

400 Corporate Dr PO Box 680, Mahwah,, NJ, USA, 07430

Replaces electrolytes lost through strenuous activities with glucose and other ingredients.Weight: 1.8 oz., Makes 1 quart.Ingredients: glucose, citric acid, potassium chloride, fructose, potassium chloride, sodium bicarbonate, dipotassium phosphate, ascor ...

You don't have to be a professional sausage maker to have great success with this kit because the simple instructions make your job easy and fun. Everything you need is right here - just add the meat of your choice. Includes: seasoning for 10 lbs. of meat ...

635 E. First Street, Suite 203,, Tustin,, CA, USA, 92780

Do you wonder where all your tax money goes? It's 7 ounces of red and yellow candy!

“Helping People Prepare…for more than 15 years. Offering Food Storage, Emergency Kits, Water Filtration, First Aid, Meals Ready to Eat, Camping Gear, and more! We are committed to serving you with over 900 products!"

151 North Main Street, Heber City,, UT, USA, 84032

MRE's Another BIG DIFFERENCE in our MRE's is the TOTAL Calories provided per meal: 1100 to 1300 calories for ours, vs. 600 to 900 elsewhere. Compare! Main Entree Dish, i.e., Beef Stroganoff with Egg Noodles, Beef Stew with Potatoes and Vegetab ...

192 Technology Dr Ste L, Irvine, CA, USA, 92618

No-Cook Peas are great by themselves or add them to an entree to "bulk" things up.

1940 Woodman Center Drive, Kettering, Ohio, USA, 45420

Vacuum-sealed like our meals, each package contains 1/3 to 2/3 cup by volume with cooking directions and nutrition info. Unless noted, all ingredients are dehydrated.

238 West Vineyard Way, Saratoga Springs,, UT, USA, 84043

MREs can be eaten hot or cold, but they sure taste better hot. These flameless heaters will heat your MRE to over 200 degrees in minutes by adding a few ounces of water. Lightweight and completely safe, simply slide the foil MRE retort pouch into the heat ...

384 Wallis #2, Eugene,, OR, USA, 97402

These are the real deal! These are the actual accessory packs used in Military MRE meals. More complete than the ones used in commercial MRE's.

635 E. First Street, Suite 203,, Tustin,, CA, USA, 92780

Each 3600 calorie Mayday Food Bar is 27 ounces and is pre-cut into 9 pieces. Finally!! Not only a food ration that tastes great, but is also very nutritious. Our 2400 and 3600 calorie Mayday food bars are approved by the U.S. Coast Guard as well as the Ca ...

POB 234, McKenna, WA, USA, 98558

One Year Supply for One of Dehydrated basic foods in #10 cans ( about a gallon size ). Consist of 11 cases of #10 cans - 325lbs. This unit supplies the very basics of food for one year. You will most likely loose weight on this unit. 1200 calories and 35 ...

235 N. Airline Hwy, Gonzales,, La, USA, 70737

Naturally good food anytime /anywhere...

POB 234, McKenna, WA, USA, 98558

Deluxe Family Unit1 Year Supply for 2 or 6 Month Supply for 4 Provides 2,050 calories and 85 Grams of Protein Per person per day in Over 2,180 Meals! Wt: 1365# What makes the FAMILY UNIT different from the BASIC UNIT? Variety Plus The Family Unit is designed for TWO PEOPLE for ONE YEAR;the Family Unit is essentially 2 Basic Units with the addition of 550 1/2 cup servings of delicious Air Dried and Freeze Dried foods, plus Egg Mix which can be served for breakfast or used in recipes which call for fresh eggs. We have also added one case of full meal MRE’s. See MRE page for more details on this new addition. All food units are plus shipping unless otherwise noted. Please be aware that this shopping cart does not figure correct shipping on these heavier units. We will call you once an order is placed with a total. Thanks

466 Cumberland Road,, Burlingame, CA, USA, 94010

Emergency food provides 2400 calories over a 72-hour period (12 meals per foodbar). Guaranteed 5 year shelf life

151 North Main Street, Heber City,, UT, USA, 84032

The Gamma Seal Lid is a revolutionary bucket lid system is ideal for 100's of uses like food storage, emergency supplies, camping and fishing. No more nail breaking or knuckle scraping when trying to open a bucket. We've now offered these lids for over 8 ...

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