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Wednesday, 13 December 2017


Wilderness Emergency Shelters

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CLOSEOUTS . When every ounce counts, the GoLite Lair waterproof shelter is the ultimate minimalist shelter for summer backpacking. Fast, easy set up and take down Nine 7 aluminum Y-stakes 2-person, 3-season Floor: 96x84, 64 sq.ft. Stuff size: 8x6 Weight: 1 lb. 5 oz. Material: SilLite silicone-impregnated ripstop nylon CLOSEOUTS . China. Available Colors: GREY. Sizes: ONE.

Note that this shelter incorporates the roots from a fallen tree. This serves to help support the shelter, making it stronger. As well, it reduces the amount of material needed to construct the shelter.

In the right circumstances fallen trees can be made into good natural shelters. However, there are some things to keep in mind:Very often fallen trees are in wet areas, so the ground under the fallen tree is very likely wet. Therefore it may be hard to fi ...

A thatched hut is a warm and wonderful shelter that is waterproof. It can stand up to strong winds, allow for an internal fire, and can be used in the winter. This hut that I built was put up in 2 days, but could have been easily put up in one had I woke up early and took no breaks. The inside was 6 foot tall in the center and about 6 feet in diameter. The first thing is to build a frame out of some bendable saplings. This frame was built with 8 saplings about 1 inch in diameter at the bottom. I pounded a stake into the ground with a rock, then stuck the sapling in the hole. (The hole was 6-8 inches deep) Opposite saplings were tied together to form the vertical framework.The next step is to attach horizontal saplings to the frame. These can be smaller in diameter but fairly long. These horizontal saplings were each about 18 inches up from the level below, but they could be larger or smaller depending on how tall the grass is that you are working with. I left a gap in the bottom horizontal level between two vertical saplings for my door. ...

We hiked in a short distance from the road and headed off-trail to a sunny site overlooking a frozen marsh. Here we built a snow shelter (not in the marsh, but in the adjoining woods!).

This shelter started off as a "house" that my three children (aged 6, 4, and 3) created in the course of their explorations.  They showed it to me and I thought, "perfect teaching opportunity"!!! We built it bigger than necessary for a survival shelter -- ...

With the use of live vegetation, quite a large shelter can be made. Here is a brush shelter in the winter, with a warming fire built just inside the entrance.  If you use a warming fire with any brush shelter please be very careful to not set your shelter ...

28 W First St South, Fulton,, NY, USA, 13069

Best Seller Very Lightweight Reinforced Grommets Double Stitched Seams Packaged in Reusable Mesh Bag "As aficionados know, a good tarp is not just a piece of fabric with grommets. This three-person model gets our nod because the 1.1oz ripstop nylon surviv ...

Bough Shelter Look for branches that sweep to the ground or fallen boughs that offer protection from the wind-ensure they are secure enough not to fall on you though! You may want to secure them by lashing (see diagram). Weave in other branches to add sup ...

5150 Goldman Suite #G, Moorpark,, CA, USA, 93021

Waterproof tarp for emergency shelter.     Reinforced rip stop polyethylene tarp. Great for emergency shelter or outdoor use. 10' x 12' Call for other sizes. COLOR: Blue

28 W First St South, Fulton,, NY, USA, 13069

An ultra lightweight tarp constructed of 1.1oz ripstop nylon with a silicone treatment to make it extremely water repellent. 13 ties are sewn on the perimeter and center of the tarp to provide convenient points from which to hang or tie off the shelter, a ...

466 Cumberland Road,, Burlingame,, CA, USA, 94010

This light weight tent is easy to pack

28 W First St South, Fulton,, NY, USA, 13069

1.1oz silicone impregnated ripstop nylon with four corner ties out of white Whitney binding (each 16 long) bar tacked on for security. Packaged in its own No-See-um mesh bag (42 x 90). Manufactured by Equinox in the USA.

P.O. Box 344, Roseville, CA, USA, 95678-0344

Features full length nylon zippered entrance for total privacy

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