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Tuesday, 12 December 2017


4702 SW Scholls Ferry Road PMB 364, Portland,, OR, USA, 97225-1667
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The ThunderBolt /Storm and Lightning Detector System
Did You Know? About 75% of people who are struck by lightning are struck with blue sky overhead! This is because a storm system can generate lightning that can injure or kill even when it is ten miles away.Every year, about 200 people are killed and 700 people injured by lightning--more than floods, hurricanes, and tornadoes combined.Thunder Bolt should be standard equipment for anyone at work or play outside, or anyone responsible for those who are.ThunderBolt Specifications:
  • Storm and Lightning Detection Range - 75 Miles (100 km in metric version)
  • Automatically Displays:
    • Storm approach speed
    • E.T.A. at User Location
    • Time to Clear
    • Severe Storm/Squall Line Detection
  • Computer analysis and detection of squall lines and severe storm cells
  • Automatic background noise analysis and filtering
  • Warning modes
  • Text messages via 2 x 16 LCD
  • Red LED Warning light
  • Audible tone
  • Connector for external alarm
  • User selectable warning modes and frequencies
  • Power supply: One 9V battery (50 Hours+ of operation)
  • 120 VAC adapter
  • Size: 6.4" x 3.4" x 1.5"; Weight: 14 oz
  • Everyone can benefit from the ThunderBolt:Utility Workers - If you are working in the field, your life is on the line. Advance warning of approaching storms is critical to your safety. Most lightning strikes occur "out of the blue"--with no clouds above you!Aviators - Thunder Bolt can warn you of oncoming storms up to 60 miles away! Thunder Bolt can also warn you if the oncoming storm may be part of a squall line or could even be part of a severe storm system. This early warning can give you the extra edge you need to protect your safety. Coaches - The Thunder Bolt warning system can alert you to hazardous conditions well before you hear thunder. In most part of the country, you can only hear thunder 3-4 miles away; yet a lightning bolt can reach as far as six miles or more! Thunder Bolt replaces guesswork with precise indications of hazard from thunderstorms.Outdoorsmen - If you like camping, boating, fishing, or golfing, you already know how dangerous it can be to be caught unexpectedly in a severe thunderstorm. Thunder Bolt can warn you of approaching storms even when the weather seems perfectly calm and clear, giving you time to seek shelter.
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