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Friday, 24 November 2017


151 North Main Street, Heber City,, UT, USA, 84032
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Super Spectrim 10-Yr Vitamins
Cold & FLU Season UPDATE:
With the current FLU Shot Shortage this season, now more than ever, it pays to eat healthy and keep your immune system strong. WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND Super Spectrim Multi-Vitamins to help build-up your immune system & keep it strong all season long! Super Spectrim 12 Hour Time-Release Vitamins were DEVELOPED for NASA for the US ASTRONAUTS by Dr. David Boska MD. In addition, they are specially made LONG STORING (up to 10 years* according to D. Anthony Pescetti) that are the most scientific and nutritionally complete vitamin and mineral supplement available! These SUPER POTENCY MULTI-VITAMINS can be used day-in and day-out as a daily multi-vitamin supplement or stored for up to 10 YEARS for use later! Do NOT confuse these SUPER potent multi-vitamins with store bought types. There is no comparision! If you store foods for emergency preparedness, WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND Super Spectrim Multi-Vitamins. Special time-release formulation is micro-encapsulated, chelated and designed for high utilization and long term effectiveness in order to provide a regulated release of nutrients for UP TO 12 FULL HOURS. Thus the level of absorption approaches 100%. Each tablet 14 Cold Processed Vitamins, 12 Chelated Minerals, Micro-Minerals, Antioxidants, Digestive Enzymes, Essential Amino Acids, and Bioflavonoids all in a Buffered Formula! WARNING: No Home Storage Plan or Emergency Food Reserve
is Complete Without Them... PERIOD!The vitamins and minerals in Super Spectrim have been worked out in ratios for optimum effectiveness, better assimilation and better absorption. Like most of us, I wondered if these vitamins really were any better than the store brought types. A Vitamin is a vitamin, right? After comparing and trying them for myself, I noticed a huge difference in how I feel and have greatly reduced or eliminated my susceptibility to catching colds or the flu. After taking Super Spectrim Multi-Vitamins now for 10 years, I'm an avid believer!!! I'm not the worlds healthiest eater and I use to catch colds or the flu several times a year. Since taking Super Spectrim Mulit-Vitamins, I feel better and rarely, if ever, catch a cold now. I use them EVERDAY. I'm am absolutely sold on them and HIGHLY RECOMMEND them to you!"
--Harry R. Weyandt, Nitro-Pak President We searched high and low find an affordable vitamin/mineral supplement that can be used both today AND me stored for later use. These super potent vitamins are nutritionally complete and contain all the important vitamins, minerals, micro minerals, amino acids and digestive enzymes in one true time-released tablet.
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