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Friday, 24 November 2017


151 North Main Street, Heber City,, UT, USA, 84032
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Solar Radio & Flashlight
Our NEW LED SPLASH Solar FM Radio & Waterproof Flashlight will be ready to use when you need it! Ideal for emergencies, disasters, backpacking, or biking (bike mounting bracket is included). It features a powerful built-in solar panel made of Super Cells. Under normal use, only one day of full sunshine is needed to recharge the internal ono-memory Rechargeable Batteries. Outer case is made of heavy-duty ABS plastic. The perfect addition to your survival supplies!
    Key Features:
  • TRIPLE LED 100,000 Bulbs!
  • Fully charged flashlight runs up to 6 hours
  • Fully charged blinker runs up to 100 hours
  • 3 flashing red LED lights for night safety or locating
  • Can add 2 AA batteries for backup
  • Waterproof--Floats in water!
  • Scans for your favorite radio station!
  • The Splash Radio can be powered 3 ways. The solar panel on the top is always charging. The solar power provides the main source of power. But should you leave it in a dark closet for a couple of years, you can plug it into an outlet, hook it up to your cigarette lighter, or pop in a couple of AA cells and you're in business.
The Splash stores this power in an internal non-memory energy cell for immediate or later use. This cell doesn't have to be fully discharged before it is recharged, giving it a much much longer life. What does the Splash do with all that power? It operates a flashlight and an FM auto-scan radio (88-108 MHz). It even has a siren and red LED flashers for emergencies. The best part is that this is waterproof. You can use it fishing, boating, swimming, at the beach--anywhere. All of which makes The Splash is a dependable tool for camping, fishing, hunting, any indoor or outdoor sports, emergencies or blackouts. It's also environmentally friendly as it helps reduce the piles of dead batteries in our nation's landfills.
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