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Friday, 19 January 2018


151 North Main Street, Heber City,, UT, USA, 84032
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Generation IV Shake Flashlight – SuperDUTY 3 LED's
If you've tried the "normal" 1st Gen shakelights, your in for a pleasant surprise. We were impressed when we first tested these incredible units. Our newest LED SuperDUTY Shake Flashlight has not 1, but THREE (3) Super Bight LED's. Up to 5-10 TIMES BRIGHTER than standard shake-lights from elsewhere!
  • No Batteries
  • No Bulbs to Burn Out!
  • Must for Every Emergency Kit, Car, Truck, Rv and Boat!
  • Waterproof to 10'
  • TWIN Faraday Coil for More Power IN ADDITION, our Waterproof Gen IV Shakelight has a MUCH LONGER BURN TIME… 15-20 MINUTES vs 5 Minutes of the cheaper kind! More light, less shaking, longer burn time. A tough combination to beat and well worth the few cent difference! This flashlight combines the basic principles of physics and the innovation of modern technology to create a flashlight that requires no batteries or light bulbs...ever! When the lights go out, or while you're camping, you'll never be caught with a dead flashlight again. Uses the Faraday Principle of Electromagnetic Energy. Current then flows to a small capacitor or battery. 1 minute of quick shaking will produce enough electricity to power the light for up to 15-20 minutes with one LED on and 8-10 minutes with all 3 LED's on.. An excellent choice in emergency kits and vehicle glove boxes...just-in-case. Get one for your home and each vehicle. Great for kids, more wasted batteries...they provide the power! Our shakelight has only one moving part, that transforms simple motion into light. When gently shaken, a magnet passes through a wire coil, efficiently generating electrical energy. Gen IV Waterproof Shake Flashlight Key Features:
    • Simply shake to recharge!
    • Shake the Flashlight for 1 Minute to provide up to 20 minutes of light!
    • Select 1 or 3 LED's for More Light
    • NO batteries ever needed! Save $100's never buying a batteries again!
    • NO broken or burned out BULBS! L.E.D.'s last over 100,000 hours!
    • Lightweight and High Impact Strength Housing
    • Gen IV Flashlight Service Life: LED-100,000 hrs
    • Ecologically friendly, No Pollution!
    • Weight: 11 Ounce
    • Size: 8.75" long x 2" diameter
    • Visible from over 1 nautical mile away
    • Perfect flashlight for EVERY emergency & disaster preparedness kit!
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