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Monday, 22 January 2018
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 Can We Survive Natural Disasters?

Unfortunately, most of us have the stubborn attitude that, "...it has not happened in thousands of years and therefore it is not going to happen in my lifetime!"

Tornados do occur thousands of miles away from "Tornado Alley". There is a fault line through New York city with the potential for an earthquake. Yellowstone park is a giant caldera where the northern section continues to rise, forming a new lava dome that will one day errupt. Much of London, in England, is below sea level and the southern coast of the United Kingdom is sinking at  a rate of one quarter of an inch per year. (Post glacial retreat) Can we really be prepared to survive the powers of nature?

In Chile, unexpected flash floods virtually wiped out an entire city. See the before and after pictures below.

before-flashflood in Chile

Looking at the before picture, it is almost impossible to imagine that there could be such devastation following a prolonged heavy rainstorm in the mountains.

massive devastation after-flashflood

almost total devastation after flashflood

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